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Villa Vedas is a spectacular and otherworldly venue for weddings, retreats, company offsite meetings and other events. The villa was designed  with weddings in mind. Villa Vedas can seat up to 220 guests throughout our extensive gardens and on the stretch of grass on the beach in front of the villa.


Maximum Guests220 seating capacity
300 standing capacity
Minimum StayBetween 1 March and 15 December 2019/2020/2021, a minimum stay of 3 nights applies if a Friday and/or Saturday night is included.

A minimum stay of 2 nights is normally required if the event falls between Sunday to Thursday nights (inclusive), however one night events are permitted between Sunday and Thursday nights under the following conditions:

-The event is adjacent to an existing booking
-Decorations can be set up and disassembled within the time available
-Villa Vedas’ house catering is used

Between 6 January to 29 February 2020, the minimum stay requirement per season applies.

For 2019/2020 High and Peak Season, a 5 night minimum stay applies.
Venue Hire FeeUSD 1,450++ (USD 1,675 net) including complimentary use of 80 KVA generator
IDR 4,000,000 (USD 280 approx.) Local Community (Banjar) Fee
Security DepositSecurity deposit: IDR 10,000,000 (or currency equivalent). Refundable within 3-5 days after guest check-out and if no damages and losses are caused to the property.
Villa RatesSee rates page here
Pool DeckFor large events of between 100-300 guests, the villa pool decks can be rented
(USD 150 per section or USD 600 for all 4 sections)
Fireworks PermitIDR 3,000,000
Use of Commercial KitchenIDR 2,500,000
(included in the catering price if Villa Vedas is catering the event)
Use of Villa's BarUSD 500 charge for use of the villa's bar (bar staff, glasses, and ice will be provided)
Included in the catering price if Villa Vedas is catering the event
Outside CateringUSD 500 charge for hiring outside catering services
Curfew3:00 am
Generator SetComplimentary use of a 80 KVA generator included in the venue hire fee
Double Rooms in the PavilionIn addition of the 5 rooms in the main villa, Villa Vedas can offer 3 additional large double bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms, in the Pavilion by the entrance gate.
Please inquire for further details.

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  • Bali’s wet season can affect conditions from November to February and Event Organisers (EO) and guests are advised to plan accordingly for events.


  • For large events of between 100-300 guests, it is recommended that the villa pool decks are rented to provide additional space (USD 150 per section or USD 600 for all 4 sections)

  • Section A is 5.8 metres x 7.5 metres (43.6 m2), and sections B, C & D are 4.9 metres x 6.7 metres (32.8 m2 each). All offer a total combined area of 142 m2.  Each section is USD 150 i.e. USD 600 net for all 4 sections. For events attended by more than 150 guests use of all 4 sections is recommended.
  • As it can take up to 10 hours to assemble all 4 sections, please be aware that the workers have to work on the installation of the decks while the guest is staying at the villa. Otherwise an additional villa rental cost is required if the decks have to be installed before guest arrival.
  • However, we strongly suggest that EOs inspect this area prior to finalising arrangements to calculate the number of guests that can be accommodated.



  • Full home automation where one can play favourite songs, or adjust the volume, lighting or air-conditioning straight from smartphones. In addition, the guest can use the 10kw Crown amplifier system with JBL Pro speakers in all areas.


  • Villa Vedas has a large commercial kitchen which can be used by outside caterers (after payment of the outside catering charge of USD 500) for plating, but not for cooking.
  • Outside caterers who wish to use our commercial kitchen to cook food are required to pay a service fee of IDR 2,500,000.
  • Villa Vedas allows guests to supply their own alcohol without a corkage charge but with a service fee of USD 500. If a guest chooses our IDR 300,000 soft drinks package, we will provide bar staff, ice, garnish and mixers, and make alcoholic cocktails of the guest’s choice.


  • Villa Vedas Catering (VVC) offers a high quality and competitively priced catering and bar service, and there is no charge for use of VVC’s catering services. The service is prepared in the villa’s well equipped commercial kitchen. There is a variety of food and beverage packages available, such as Balinese Buffet, Western Buffet, BBQ, and more, which may even be mixed and matched upon request. We also have in-house mixologists who can create signature classic cocktails served from our stylish bar.
  • Guests who prefer to use an outside food caterer are free to do so, subject to payment of a service fee of USD 500 to Villa Vedas for bookings made after 15th April 2019.
  • Guests who prefer to serve their own drinks from our bar are required to pay a service fee of USD 500 to Villa Vedas for bookings made after 15th April 2019. Bar staff, glasses and ice are included.

View the full menu and details here.


  • The parking and alighting area is on Banjar land adjacent to the villa. It is to be kept free for guests’ arrival and departure. This means that there is no parking on site for EO’s or suppliers. Vehicles are permitted for a one-hour period for loading and unloading from the road directly into the commercial kitchen but should be off-site at least one hour prior to the event.


Villa Vedas has 65 KVA of mains power supply and a 80 KVA generator that is included on a complimentary basis as part of the venue hire fee.  We would ask guests and their EOs to respect the following guidelines.

  • Cables should not be dug into lawns
  • Cables should follow edges of concrete/ grass where possible
  • Cable traps should be laid in high traffic areas or where cables may pose a safety risk to guests
  • Electric lanterns are permitted to be hung from trees using existing nails only
  • Heavy lighting must be attached by metal brace and not by hooks and nails
  • All candles should have candle bases to prevent wax spillage


  • There are three bathrooms available for event guests. One is located at the bar area, another one in the art gallery, and if necessary, the bathroom in Guest Suite 4 adjacent to the bale can be made available. It is the responsibility of the EO to ensure the cleanliness of the bathrooms during events.

Read the full Villa Vedas Wedding & Event Information here.